Council Action Summary August 7 Meeting

August 8th, 2017 by Pam Davis

The following actions were taken by the City Council at the August 7 meeting:  

Reschedule the Mayor and City Council Wednesday work session meetings to the Monday a week prior to the regularly scheduled meetings.  The work session meetings will begin at 6:30 PM (not 6:00 PM) in the Council Chambers.  Approved 4-1 (Councilmember Daniel opposed).  Motion carried.

Authorize award of Youth Council scholarship for one Kennesaw student to attend the 2017-18 Cobb Youth Leadership Program.  Vote taken, approved unanimously, 5-0. Motion carried.

First Public Hearing:  An ordinance to amend Chapter 82 “Taxation”, Article IV “Hotel Motel Excise Tax”, Section 82-85 “Registration of Operator; Form and Contents; Execution; Certificate of Authority”, Section 82-86 “Determination of Tax; Returns and Payments”, Section 82-87 “Deficiency Determinations”, Section 82-88 “Determination if No Return Made”, Section 82-89 “Administration of Article”, Section 82-90 “Penalty for Violation of Article”, Section 82-91 “Collection of Tax” of the Code of Ordinances.  This ordinance amends the interest sections of Chapter 82 “Taxation”, Article IV “Hotel Motel Excise Tax” code section due to House Bill 960 and replaces the term city clerk with business license clerk.  No action until the August 21st meeting.

FIRST PUBLIC HEARING: ORDINANCE to amend Ch. 6 “Alcoholic Beverages,” Art. I “In General,” Sec. 6-1 “Definitions;” Art. II “Licenses,” Sections 6-52 “License Fees, Duration;” 6-68 “Joint Sales of Alcoholic Beverages by the Drink and by the Package Prohibited;” 6-73 “Regulations for Sales by Manufacturer of Distilled Spirits;” and 6-74 “Regulations for Manufacturers of Malt Beverages;” Art. III “Prohibitions and Restrictions,” Sec. 6-90 “Notice, Allowing Underage Person on Licensed Premises;” 6-93 “Hours of Operation;” and 6-115 “Brewpubs;” and Ch. 82 “Taxation,” Art. III “Alcoholic Beverage Excise Taxes,” Sections 82-52 “Distilled Spirits and Wine,” and 82-53 “Malt Beverages.”  Chapters 6 “Alcoholic Beverages” and 82 “Taxation” are being amended in accordance with Senate Bill 85.  No action until the August 21st meeting.

Approval of a Beer, Wine and Sunday Sales Package License for Jacobs Brother LLC d/b/a Citgo-Kennesaw Food Mart located 2057 North Cobb Pkwy, by applicant Syed Shah.  Approved unanimously, 5-0.  Motion carried.

Ratify appointment of Cam Perdue to serve as a member of the Planning Commission to fulfill a vacancy with a term ending December 2019. Approved unanimously, 5-0.  Motion carried.

Consent Agenda, unanimously approved, engross, 5-0.  Motion carried.

Ratify actions by the License Review Board from their due cause hearings held July 19, 2017 on Georgia CVS Pharmacy, LLC; Deep Enterprises, LLC dba Kennesaw Food Mart; Inlaw Enterprises, Inc. dba Quick Stop; Jay Mahabale, LLC dba Elite Liquor; Om Sai Ga, LLC dba Shell Food Mart; with the exception of Guru 1108 dba Team Texaco who is appealing, and receipt of the meeting Minutes. 

Authorize a budget amendment from the Contingency fund 100.1100.55.1050 to 285.4950.53.1180 in the amount of $7,500 to cover the cost of a cemetery software program for the Clerk’s Office. 

Authorize award to Pontem Software which includes the software license, onboarding consultation and data conversion, not to exceed $7,500 for cemetery software program. 

Approve RESOLUTION NO. 2017-42, 2017 to Adopt a Procurement Policy for Professional Services (Engineering and Architectural Services).  The Public Works Department has applied to the Georgia Department of Transportation to become LAP (Local Administered Project) Certified.