The Business License Department is responsible for the collection of Business License Fees, Occupational Taxes, and Alcohol Taxes including Liquor by the Drink and Alcoholic Beverage Excise Taxes, Hotel/Motel Occupancy Taxes and Financial Institution Taxes.

The Department is also responsible for issuing privileged licensing including Alcohol, Massage Therapy, Bail Bonds, Pawnbrokers, Precious Metals and Temporary Use Licenses.

Before completing a business license application, please contact our office to verify that your business address is in the city limits of Kennesaw.

Fingerprinting: $45 cash, check, or credit card.  Monday and Friday from 8 AM – 3 PM. Wednesday and Thursday from 8 AM – 12 PM.   Check in at the Police Lobby; a staff officer will be notified and escort the applicant to the Print Room, and the back to the lobby.

License & Registration Requirements

Read more information regarding general license and registration requirements.

Business License Documents

You can access the documents associated with the business license process in the Applications, Forms & Permits section of the Document Center.

Please notify this office if you have a change of address, ownership, firm name or business reclassification.

Business License Renewals

You can now renew your business license online! Online renewals are not available to any business with a privileged license such as Massage Therapy, Bail Bonds, Pawnbroker, Precious Metals and Temporary Use. Please visit our online payment portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain a license?

Processing takes a minimum 24 hours.

Do I need a business license?

Yes, if you are operating a business in the city limits, and/or generate any revenue.

What is the cost of a business license?

Occupation taxes are determined by gross receipts, class of business according to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, plus a $55.00 administrative fee. The minimum fee is $80.00.

Certain professional practitioners have the option of calculating their occupation tax in another manner. They may elect to pay a flat fee of $400 per registered professional.

What do I need to know to obtain a Business License?

  • Any type of ownership other that sole proprietorship must provide a federal tax identification number.
  • State licensed businesses must provide a copy of their State License.
  • If you are a corporation, a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation from the State is required.
  • After obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy application may be made for an Occupational Tax Certificate.
  • If business is located in a home, a statement must be signed regarding residency restrictions.
  • After approval from fire department and building inspector, a Certificate of Occupancy may be obtained from Building Services.
  • Make appointments for on-site inspections by the building inspectors and the fire department.
  • Bring a stamped copy of the floor plan to Building Services Department and pay a minimum $60.00 permit fee. A permit number will be assigned.
  • Make an appointment with the Cobb County Fire Marshall’s Office (at 770-528-8000) to take two copies of the floor plan drawing for approval.
  • A Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Services Department must be obtained for businesses located in a commercial zoning.
  • If changes are being made, contact the Building Services Department (at 770-429-4554) for information regarding permits.
  • Check with the Zoning Department (at 770-590-8268) to make sure your business meets requirements for the location, and that no special permits are needed.