The Kennesaw Police Department consists of dedicated and professional men and women who make this organization one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in Georgia, if not the world. Our goal is to serve you, with compassion, equality, and without bias.  We aim to work diligently alongside every citizen and business owner to combat crime and foster programs which keep our city one of the safest in Georgia. Whether you’re here to live, work, play, or just passing through, we strive to keep Kennesaw a place you can call home.

The Kennesaw Police Department is committed to an intelligence based, geographic-policing philosophy which proactively addresses crime and the fear of crime through a shared relationship between you, the citizen, and the officers which serve you. We achieve this by using proven problem-solving methods along with community partnerships to enhance the quality of life for everyone. The Kennesaw Police Department maintains a long-range strategic plan that provides direction and focus on our core values. These four core values, Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence, are best described by the acronym RISE. 

The critical components to our success hinges on effective police-community partnerships.  Effective partnerships involve the willingness of its residents to engage in constructive dialogue with the police. Through intentional efforts to build trust and collaboration, police and community members can act as catalysts and facilitators to reduce crime and increase our quality of life. 

For these reasons, we invite you to become involved with the Kennesaw Police Department. Take time to learn more about our units, programs, and services; taking full advantage of the many opportunities to work together. We look forward to serving with you.

-In Humble Service-

Bill Westenberger