The City Cemetery is located on the southwest edge of the downtown area at 3000 Cemetery Street. It is located on the property of Camp McDonald, a former training ground for Georgia volunteers during the Civil War. Owned and operated by the City of Kennesaw, the City Cemetery is a non-sectarian cemetery that has provided the final resting place for area residents since 1863. The City Cemetery’s 8 acres of well-maintained grounds provide a beautiful and peaceful setting for visitors to remember loved ones.

Burial Services

The City Cemetery offers several burial options including:

  • Single, companion, and family plots
  • Ground interment of cremains
  • Cremation Garden for scattering cremains as a “living monument” to those whose ashes are placed within this dedicated area. Individuals whose remains have been scattered in the garden are identified by a special memorial plaque on the garden wall.

To view pricing for the various burial options, please see our Fee Schedule. For additional information about the City Cemetery, or to purchase a lot, please contact the City Clerk.

Online Burial Search

To find the grave-site of specific individuals or to see what lots are available, please visit www.kennesaw.ga.govern.com.

Cemetery Guidelines

Cemetery Guidelines and Regulations 

The operation of the City Cemetery is governed by Chapter 30, City of Kennesaw Code of Ordinance.