Council Action Summary, 01-22-19 Meeting

January 24th, 2019 by Becca Graham

ORDINANCE NO. 2019-01, 2019 to establish and create an entertainment district in the City of Kennesaw and to amend Chapter 6 “Alcoholic Beverages,” Article I “In General,” Section 6-1 “Definitions,” Section 6-5 “Sale, Possession or Consumption,” and the addition of Section 6-6 “Consumption of Alcohol; Entertainment Districts.”  Approved unanimously, with condition the East Park District does not come into effect until a business in that location receives a Certificate of Occupancy and Business License.  Motion carried.

Approve a variance request submitted by Kennesaw Mountain High School, Dr. Mark Trachtenbroit for property at 1898 Kennesaw Due West Road.  Approved 4-1-0 (Councilmember Blinkhorn opposed).  Motion carried.

RESOLUTION NO. 2019-05, 2019 to authorize the Disposition of Right of Way Abandoned for Arnold Road also known as Giles Road.  Approved unanimously, 5-0.  Motion carried.

Appointed Donna Hogan to fulfill a vacancy on the Kennesaw Downtown Development Authority with a term ending December 2019.  Approved unanimously, 5-0.  Motion carried.

Consent Agenda, approved unanimously, 5-0.  Motion carried.

Approval of RESOLUTION NO. 2019-03, 2019 setting qualifying fees for November 2019 election for Mayor and Council Posts 1 and 2 and authorization to advertise said notice and fees. 

Approval of the RESOLUTION NO. 2019-04, 2019 authorizing Boundary Line Agreement & Reciprocal Quit Claim Deed for the Right-of-way at the Lewis Street and N. Main Street Intersection. 

Approval of a Final Plat phase one submitted by Kerley Family Homes for property located along Hickory Grove Road.