Council Action Summary, 06-17-19

photo of pen in hand

Consent Agenda, approved unanimously, 5-0. Motion carried.

Approval of June 3, 2019 Mayor and City Council meeting minutes

Approval of RESOLUTION NO. 2019-23, 2019 to adopt the Kennesaw City Cemetery Strategic Plan

Approval of RESOLUTION NO. 2019-24, 2019 to adopt the Public Art Master Plan

Approval of RESOLUTION NO. 2019-25, 2019 awarding bid to Christ Community Church of Cobb County PCA, Inc. and to proceed with closing on Parcel Number 20012700080 for Arnold Road (Giles Rd) Right of Way abandonment

Acceptance of the conservation easement as required pursuant to the rezoning condition under Ordinance 2006-29 for Villas at Hickory Grove

Request to Surplus and Dispose of Equipment