The City of Kennesaw is excited to introduce a new award program to recognize leaders in the Kennesaw community. The “Follow the Leader” award program will recognize local community leaders who have made a difference in their service to the community.

This is a project of the inaugural class of the Kennesaw Leadership Academy. The Kennesaw Leadership Academy is comprised of 12 young professionals, representing eight different departments across the City.  Leadership development and professional development are the two most important succession-planning tools the City of Kennesaw uses to invest in employees to help them learn, train and grow. By enhancing leadership skills and competencies, the goal of the Kennesaw Leadership Academy is simple: to create a deep pool of potential candidates with wide-ranging leadership skills who are able to step into future leadership roles within the City of Kennesaw.

In return, the Kennesaw Leadership Academy participants will partner with a selection of the award recipients to volunteer their time to support projects, organizations or causes which the award recipients are involved with.

Important Dates
May 27: Nomination Deadline
June 20: Reception (5:30 PM), Announcement/Recognition at Mayor & Council Meeting (6:30 PM)
July 3: Recognition at City of Kennesaw’s Salute to America Event 

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