The City of Kennesaw invites area residents, families, neighborhoods, non-profit, civic and faith-based organizations, local businesses, schools, local sports teams, athletic clubs, etc. to decorate a holiday tree to display in Depot Park for the third annual “Holiday Extravaganza.” Be a part of the holiday decorations in Depot Park!

Participation in this event is $10. All monies raised will go to promoting the downtown through beautification projects and events. The City of Kennesaw will provide a metal stake for participants to either tie their tree to or place over.  No additional materials will be provided by the City of Kennesaw. Artificial trees and all decorations are the responsibility of the participant. Participants will receive an assigned spot from the City of Kennesaw after the application closes. 

*Completion of the registration acknowledges agreement to all rules and guidelines!

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Important Dates
November 19, 2023: Application Deadline
November 29, 2023: Everything MUST be installed by the end of the day on November 29.
January 7, 2024: Everything MUST be removed from Depot Park by the end of the day on January 7, 2024.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Tree placement will be determined by the City of Kennesaw.
  • All decorations must be secured to the tree. You may not use glass decorations.
  • Power will not be provided by the City of Kennesaw. Lights are only allowed if your display has its own source of solar power.
  • Maintenance of the tree is the responsibility of the participant. If a tree becomes an obstruction to pedestrian traffic or becomes damaged or in disrepair, the City of Kennesaw reserves the right to remove and dispose of your tree and decorations. Participants are expected to regularly check on their tree to ensure that it is standing.
  • The City of Kennesaw cannot be held responsible for any decorations or items lost, broken or taken while on display.
  • Signage, if applicable, must be physically attached to the tree and may be no larger than 18” by 24”. Signs staked in the ground will be removed.
  • All trees should be family-friendly. Please refrain from anything offensive or distasteful. If the City deems anything inappropriate, you will be asked to remove your display immediately and may not be permitted to participate in the future.
  • All displays must be removed from Depot Park by the end of the day on January 7, 2024. Any items not removed by the removal date will be removed & disposed of, and participation by your organization may not be permitted in the future.