What do I need to know to obtain a Business License?

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  • Any type of ownership other that sole proprietorship must provide a federal tax identification number.
  • State licensed businesses must provide a copy of their State License.
  • If you are a corporation, a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation from the State is required.
  • After obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy application may be made for an Occupational Tax Certificate.
  • If business is located in a home, a statement must be signed regarding residency restrictions.
  • After approval from fire department and building inspector, a Certificate of Occupancy may be obtained from Building Services.
  • Make appointments for on-site inspections by the building inspectors and the fire department.
  • Bring a stamped copy of the floor plan to Building Services Department and pay a minimum $60.00 permit fee. A permit number will be assigned.
  • Make an appointment with the Cobb County Fire Marshall’s Office (at 770-528-8000) to take two copies of the floor plan drawing for approval.
  • A Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Services Department must be obtained for businesses located in a commercial zoning.
  • If changes are being made, contact the Building Services Department (at 770-429-4554) for information regarding permits.
  • Check with the Zoning Department (at 770-590-8268) to make sure your business meets requirements for the location, and that no special permits are needed.