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Internal Affairs

At the Kennesaw Police Department, we encourage the filing of legitimate complaints against the agency or its employees as a means by which they can be held accountable for their actions to the public. The Department also seeks to hold members of the public responsible for filing false and malicious allegations against police personnel.

The Internal Affairs Unit receives its authority directly from the Chief of Police to investigate allegations of police misconduct with the overall objective of protecting the public, the Department, and the officers. The unit conducts the routine business of this office between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and responds on a “call-out” basis as the need arises outside normal business hours. Phone: 770-429-4533

The Kennesaw Police Department will not hesitate to impose disciplinary actions on employees who violate the law or standards of professional law enforcement conduct, to remove from employment those employees who prove to be unfit for the profession of law enforcement, or to dismiss unjustified allegations against innocent employees. All complaints are maintained and tracked within the unit.

Complaints are closed in one of four different ways:

Sustained – The complaint was found to be true.

Not Sustained – The complaint was not found to be true.

Unfounded – There was not enough information to prove or disprove the complaint.

Exonerated – The officer did commit the act that he was accused of, however, his actions were justified by the situation.

Other cases are listed as No Action Taken. This means that the case has not been closed due to the fact that the complainant has not followed through with the complaint. 

Total number of Complaints for 2016 = 6

Sustained– 1
Not Sustained – 2
Unfounded – 1
Exonerated – 2

Total number of Complaints for 2015 = 12

Sustained– 2
Not Sustained – 8
Unfounded – 0
Exonerated – 0

Total number of Complaints for 2014 = 6

Sustained– 0
Not Sustained – 1
Unfounded – 4
Exonerated – 0
No Action Taken – 1

Total number of Complaints for 2013 = 8

Sustained– 2
Not Sustained – 2
Unfounded – 4
Exonerated – 0

Total number of Complaints for 2012 = 14

Sustained– 3
Not Sustained – 4
Unfounded – 4
Exonerated – 3 

Filing Your Complaint

Complaints will be accepted from any source, whether made in person, by telephone, by mail, by e-mail or anonymously. Individuals are encouraged to submit their complaints in person in order to obtain a complete and accurate report as soon as possible of the incident.

Complaints will be accepted from juveniles and persons under arrest in police custody so long as the complaint contains sufficient factual information to warrant an investigation. Under extenuating circumstances in which the complainant cannot file the report in person, agency personnel may visit the individual at his or her home, place of business or hospital in order to complete the report.

Field Investigation or Internal Affairs Investigation

Complaints alleging major violations or actions of a serious nature will be handled by the Internal Affairs Unit for investigation. Major violations include, but are not limited to, the following: brutality or any allegation of unnecessary or excessive use of force; Civil Right s (Title VII) violations (use of abusive or insulting language or conduct degrading a person’s race, religion, life style, sex, national origin, or any other act or omission which could be the basis for loss of rank, termination or prosecution in any court of law); criminal violation (a violation of a Federal, State, County or Municipal statute or ordinance defining unlawful behavior or acts); any other reason deemed necessary by the Chief of Police. Complaints concerning attitude, language, response to calls, handling of calls, harassment, demeanor and minor rule infractions will be investigated by the employee’s supervisor.

Investigative Standards

All internal affairs investigations will be completed within sixty (60) days of initiation unless extenuating circumstances exist. The investigator assigned to an Internal Affairs complaint will acknowledge receipt of that complaint by communicating directly with the complainant either by correspondence, telephone, or in person. If the investigation extends beyond sixty (60) days, the investigator will inform the complainant of the cases progress. When the case is closed the investigator will notify the complainant in writing and inform them that appropriate administrative action has been taken.

Conclusion of Fact

Each investigator, whether internal affairs investigator or field supervisor, shall consider all relevant documents, testimony and evidence in order to determine what actually happened. At the end of the report, the investigator shall state a conclusion of fact for each allegation of misconduct.

Web disclaimer:  This information is provided for personal use only as general information. While attempts are made to maintain the accuracy of this information, it should not be relied upon for any purpose without confirmation in writing by Kennesaw Police. The Kennesaw Police Department is not liable to users of this data for any loss or damages arising from the reporting, use or modification of the data. The Kennesaw Police Department may update or modify the data at any time without notice and makes no commitment to update the information contained herein.

For official crime reports and assistance call:

Kennesaw Police Department

If you would like to comment about an officer’s conduct, please click here.




Frequently Asked Questions


How do I obtain a copy of a police or accident report?

Come to the Records Unit anytime Monday through Friday from 7 am until 5 pm. Call 770-429-4532 for additional information.

How do I arrange for fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting is done Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. Check in at the Police Lobby. A Staff Officer will be notified and escort the applicant to the print room and back to the lobby.

Does the Police Department offer GCIC background checks and alcohol pouring permits?

Yes.  You must have a Georgia photo ID and work permit if not a US citizen. In addtion, you must have no felony convictions within the last 5 years and no current alcohol/drug probation. Omitting any arrests regardless of disposition will disqualify you for 6 months. Two or more alcohol/drug convictions within the last five years will result in denial.

GCIC background checks  $15 cash; 9 am – 3 pm  M-F (next day pick up)

Alcohol Pouring Permits: $25 (new); $15 (renewals) cash; Mon/Wed/Fri,  8 am – 4 pm (next day pick up)

How can I report vehicles that are parked illegally?

If vehicles are observed illegally parked on the street or even private property, immediately call 770-422-2505 (police non-emergency) and ask that an officer be dispatched if possible.  No action can be taken to correct the situation unless an officer observes the violation. Cell phone photographs attached to a Kennesaw Support System ticket are not an acceptable substitute.

Does the police department provide a “safe transaction zone” for sales transactions of items initiated online?

Yes, the police department located in City Hall has a large lobby area which is an excellent safe area for transactions. Upon request, a police officer will even stand by.