Kennesaw to Participate in “City Hall Selfie Day”

Mark your calendar! The fifth annual #CityHallSelfie Day is Friday, August 14! #CityHallSelfie Day is a worldwide celebration of local government service, hosted by Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL). It showcases pride in local government Institutions. Local government employees, elected officials, media and community members are invited to participate on #CityHallSelfie Day.

#CityHallSelfie Day is online picture sharing in front of city halls and other government buildings. Participants take a self portrait (selfie) in front of a city hall, and share it using the hashtag #CityHallSelfie. #CityHallSelfie Day is managed by ELGL , the Engaging Local Government Leaders network. ELGL is a professional association of 4,800 people who work for and with local government.

How to Participate:
1. On Friday, August 14th, stop by City of Kennesaw’s City Hall, located at 2529 J.O. Stephenson Ave., and take a selfie in front of City Hall!
2. Post the selfie to social media with the hashtag #CityHallSelfie & tag the City of Kennesaw!
Taking a photo at home this year? Make sure you use the hashtags #CityHallSelfie AND #CityHomeSelfie
3. Tag us @CityofKennesaw on Facebook, @cityofkennesaw on Twitter, @cityofkennesawga on Instagram!
4. Tag ELGL at @ELGLNetwork on Facebook, @ELGL50 on Twitter,@ELGL50 on Instagram.

Each year, ELGL celebrate #CityHallSelfie award winners in multiple categories. Start planning today to win a coveted #CityHallSelfie trophy and swag! This year’s award categories include:
• NEW for 2020:
o Most Creative Physical/Social Distancing Selfie
o Best Mask-Wearing Selfie
o Most Unique Remote #CityHomeSelfie all our mandatory WFH colleagues
o Best Covid-Fighting Superhero Selfie
o Best #CityHomeSelfie with a Pet
o Best #CityHomeSelfie with a kid or family member
• All Other Awards:
o Members Choice Award: #CityHallSelfie Excellence
o Most Creative #CityHallSelfie
o State With the Most #CityHallSelfies
o Best Dressed #CityHallSelfie
o Best Hat in a #CityHallSelfie
o Best #CityHallSelfie Photography
o Best Use of #CityHallSelfie Props
o #CityHallSelfie With the Most Famous Person
o Funniest #CityHallSelfie
o Most Historic #CityHallSelfie
o Best #CityHallSelfie Lighting
o Most Selfies Taken by One Person on #CityHallSelfie Day
o Best #CityHallSelfie by a Newspaper/TV Reporter
o Best #CityHallSelfie by a Community Member
o People’s Choice #CityHallSelfie

Learn more about City Hall Selfie Day and ELGL at

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