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Maps & Boundaries

mapsClick here to view an online city map.

Want to know if you live in the city limits? View our maps in the Maps & Boundaries section of the Document Center to see details of our city boundaries.

Printing the Maps

Paper sizes are denoted with the last two letters of the file name (“_ap” or “_bp”). The first letter is the paper size (see below) and the second letter is the paper orientation (Portrait or Landscape). Standard paper sizes are:

  • A – 8½ x 11
  • B – 11 x 17
  • C – 18 x 24
  • D – 24 x 36
  • E – 34 x 44

Please note that zoning maps (those with “_ep” suffix) are larger files and may take time to download over a dial up connection. Need more information? Contact Paul Sprague, GIS Coordinator, at 770.590.8268 or via email.

Click on “View larger map” in the lower left corner to view the map in its own browser window.