ZoningThe Planning & Zoning Department analyzes and enforces land use-related issues in the city, including accepting citizen requests, providing land use data, and processing applications.  The Department is the advisory and enforcement component of the city’s adopted Comprehensive Plan.

The zoning ordinance and all adopted supplements support the goal of maintaining standards appropriate to advancing architectural, environmental and general quality of life development within the City of Kennesaw.

The Department also provides staff assistance to the Planning Commission and Historic Preservation Commission. Visit the Boards and Commissions page for details.

View the status of Pending Rezoning, Annexation, Variance, and Land Use Applications under the Pending Zoning Applications section under Planning & Zoning in the Document Center.

View the Kennesaw LCI Study Report and LCI Charrette Summary. Please note the LCI Study Report is a large file (36 MB) and may take longer to download than other items in the document center. 

Apply for Planning and Zoning review

Forms & Maps

Construction & Permitting forms can be found in the Construction Applications, Forms & Permits and Zoning sections of the Document Center. Zoning Applications can be found in the Planning & Zoning Section of the Document Center.

Zoning maps can be found in the Document Center under the Maps & Boundaries tab.

View an online version of our Zoning Map or view via the Mobile App.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one apply for annexation, rezoning, land uses or variance?

First, an applicant will schedule a pre-application meeting with the Zoning Administrator.  Once completed the applicant will file the appropriate application form with the Community Development Department. Application submittal requires two public hearings; one with the Planning Commission and the final hearing before the Mayor and Council.  You may contact the Planning and Zoning Division for the schedule of meeting dates and submittal deadlines or visit the official City of Kennesaw website for the required application forms and submittal procedures.

How long is a variance good for?

Variances are good in perpetuity.  Also variances are applied to the property and are not lost or moved if the person who received the variance moves.

What is the zoning classification for my property?

To determine your current zoning classification you can locate it on the City’s Zoning Map or call the Planning and Zoning Department for clarification or you may request a zoning verification letter.