Property TaxThe City of Kennesaw Finance Department is responsible for billing, collecting and disbursing city property taxes.  Taxes are generated on property values that are determined by the Cobb County Tax Assessor’s Office. Taxable property includes not only real estate, but also personal property; boats, airplanes and business assets. Cobb County is responsible for collecting the city taxes on motor vehicles, timber and mobile homes – the City of Kennesaw does not directly collect these. Taxes are billed or levied in the fall of each tax year for the period of January 1 through December 31 of that year. Annual property tax bills are mailed October 1 and are due by December 1. If you have not received your tax bill by the first week of October, please contact the Office of Property Tax.

The city provides a tax exemption for individuals aged 65 and older on their annual property taxes. To be eligible, residents must submit an exemption application along with a photocopy of their Georgia driver’s license or State ID. It is imperative to apply by April 1 to ensure the exemption for the upcoming tax year. Access the Senior Property Tax Exemption application form in the Document Center.

For any further inquiries, please reach out to the city’s Property Tax Administrator.

View an informational brochure about the city’s property tax guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are City tax bills mailed?

Tax bills are mailed on October 1, and they are due on December 1 annually. Additionally, if you did not receive your tax bill, as a taxpayer you are still responsible for paying your annual taxes. Please contact our office at 770-429-4542 if you do not receive your tax bill by October 15.

Is there a penalty for late payment?

If taxes are not paid by the due date, interest will begin to accrue the day following the due date and will continue on the principal amount each month thereafter until the bill is paid in full. Additionally, penalty will accrue at 5% after 120 days with an additional 5% assessed after each successive 120 days to a maximum of 20% of the principal amount due.

If I did not own my home for the full year, will the taxes be prorated?

Taxes are calculated for the entire year and will not be prorated. If a contractual agreement was made at your closing to designate another party responsible or partly responsible for the payment of taxes, we suggest you contact your closing attorney or refer to your closing documents.

I no longer own or closed the business, do I still have to pay the taxes?

Taxes are assessed as of January 1 for the entire tax year. If the property is closed or sold after January 1, the taxes are still due and you must notify Cobb County Tax Assessors by calling 770-528-3100 or by email at

How can I pay my property taxes?

Property taxes can be paid online, by mail, drop box, or in-person.

  • Pay online at Additional fees may apply.
  • Mail payments to: City of Kennesaw Property Tax, 2529 J. O. Stephenson Ave., Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • The drop box is located on the side of the building.
  • Pay in person at Kennesaw City Hall, Property Tax Department during the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday – Friday.

We honor postmarks which is only applicable to the current tax bill due date.

When is the tax sale?

Tax sales are held annually on the first Tuesday in November at Kennesaw City Hall beginning at 9:00 AM. If it falls on a holiday, the sale will take place on the next business day. Advertisements for the sale can be found in the Marietta Daily Journal (MDJ) four (4) weeks prior to the sale date.

How can I qualify for City of Kennesaw age 65 or older homestead exemption?

You must own, occupy and claim the property as your primary residence. You must be age 65 or older as of January 1 in the year of which you are applying. Applications are available online and in the office. All applications must be submitted on or before April 1 with a copy of your Driver’s license or State ID. Additionally, you must file an exemption application with Cobb County Tax Commissioner. For more information on applying for exemptions with the County, please call 770-528-8602 or visit their website at  

How can I change my mailing address?

Any change to mailing addresses should be made through Cobb County Tax Commissioner. Please call 770-528-8602 or visit their website at for more information.