Starting Service

To start sanitation service with the City of Kennesaw, please contact Utility Billing at 678-460-2850 or via email at According to Section 74-29, “Private haulers are not allowed to service inside the city limits and fines will be assessed for such violation of the city ordinance.” All residential accounts must be put in the property owner’s name; this applies to all homes that are rented/leased. To view the Sanitation Ordinance, please view the Code of Ordinances.

Pay Your Trash Bill

When paying sanitation or stormwater bills by check, please include your payment slip with your check to expedite processing. Thank you.

Trash Collection

Trash is collected on designated days once a week; collection days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The city provides 95-gallon trash containers to most residential locations.

Holiday Trash Collection Schedule

Trash collection will be interrupted for the following six holidays only: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. For Monday holidays, trash/recycle routes during the entire week following these holidays will be picked up one day later. For holidays that fall midweek, collections on the days of that week after the holiday will be delayed until the next day (for example, if the holiday is Tuesday,  the Tuesday routes are picked up Wednesday, Wednesday picked up Thursday, etc. for the remainder of the week).  If any of these six holidays fall on a weekend, there will be no change in the collection schedule. Reminders about holiday collection schedules are also included on your sanitation bill and in the city’s e-newsletter that is published twice a month.

Yard (Green) Waste Collection

Yard trimmings and debris are picked up on the same day as trash and must be placed on the curb by 7 am.  This includes grass clippings, leaves, pine straw, and small hedge trimmings. These trimmings MUST be in lawn refuse bags which are not to exceed 30 gallons or plastic/metal cans with tight-fitting lids that do not exceed 32-gallon capacity nor weigh more than 50 lbs. There is a limit of fifteen bags or three containers per regular pick-up for green waste. All branches, limbs and shrubbery must be cut into lengths of four feet or less, and no single piece will exceed two inches in diameter and weigh no more than fifty pounds. All branches, limbs and shrubbery must be in a pile no larger than 10 feet long by six feet wide by four feet tall. If a tree company provides you with service, by policy, that company is required to remove debris from the premises.

Paint Can Disposal

To dispose of paint cans, pour sand or cat litter in the can and mix with the paint. Put the lid on the paint can, place in a trash bag that is secure, and place in trash can for pick up.

Bulk Waste

Bulk material collection is available for an extra fee (price based on the item, size, weight, and collection time required to pick up the material). Bulk materials include, but are not limited to household furniture, mattresses, large auto parts, any domestic and/or commercial appliances. Call Public Works (770-421-8582) to schedule pickup of bulk waste items. Pre-payment will be required before pickup. Please note: there will be NO REFUND for someone else scavenging before Public Works gets to the pickup.


Please contact Public Works for any of the following:

  • Request a recycle bin, recycle cart, or trash can
  • Report a broken trashcan
  • Report missed trash, lawn debris, or recycling collections

For questions about your trash or recycle service, please contact Public Works at 770-421-8582 or via email at

Note: Late charges will be assessed if trash bill payment occurs after the due date. Payment by phone will incur a $5 additional charge.