Cherokee Street Road Improvement

Scope:  Project includes widening the road to three (3) lanes, intersection improvements, and adding curb, gutter and sidewalks.  The project will also include right-of-way purchase.

Project Schedule:  Currently in the design phase.

Design Consultant:  Croy Engineering

Project Budget:           $1,459,134     (2005)
                                       $5,325,410     (2011)

Stanley Road and Collins Road Improvement 

Scope:  Phase I: Widen Stanley and Collins Roads; add sidewalk along Collins Road and roundabout at the intersection of Stanley and Collins Road.   Phase II: Widen and realign Stanley from Collins to RR Crossing (City/County Line).

Project Schedule:  ROW acquisition underway.

Design consultant:  Precision Engineering

Project Budget:  $1,028,541     (2005)
                               $1,198,116     (2011)

Cobb International Boulevard 

Scope:  Upgrade road to industrial standards

Project Schedule:  Waiting for funds

Project Budget:  $1,500,000

Pine Mountain Road from Cobb Parkway to Ellis Road 

Scope:  Provide safety and operational improvements along the entire corridor of Pine Mountain Road (1.5 miles) as well as to improve the intersection of Shillings Road with Pine Mountain Road and make safety improvement to Ellis Road.  Pine Mountain Road will be widened to three 12-ft. lanes, sidewalks will be added to both sides of the road, and retaining walls will be constructed to minimize right-of-way impacts. Ellis Road will have some safety improvements where it ties to Pine Mountain Road. Right turn lanes will be added to the intersections with Pine Mountain Way and Cobb Parkway. The project will end at Cobb Parkway.  Project will tie to Cobb Department of Transportation project that will extend the improvements to Stilesboro Road.

Project Schedule:  Right of Way Acquisition Underway

Design consultant:  American Engineers Inc. (AEI)

Project Budget:  $6,683,631

Depot Park Improvements (continued into 2016)

Scope: Depot Park Master Plan – amphitheater, plaza, parking improvements

Project Schedule:  Design underway

Project Budget:  $2,100,000

Smith-Gilbert Gardens (continued into 2016)

Scope: Construct a multi-purpose facility to host events

Project Schedule:  Design underway

Project Budget:  $1,800,000

Infrastructure Improvements 

Scope: Repairs will be done throughout the City during course of the SPLOST program.

Project Schedule:  Ongoing Work; sidewalk projects, curb, gutter, stormwater:

Project Budget:  $1,167,152


Scope:  Resurfaced various roads throughout the city

Project Budget:     $439,890

Parks & Recreation


Skate Park Project 

  • Scope: Regional concrete outdoor skating facility to include street skating and transition skating areas and multiple bowls. 

KSP Open 506 March Rad 7March Rad 5

Community Center Renovation 

  • Scope: Renovate/refurbish existing classrooms, meeting rooms, dance rooms and added pottery class addition.


Swift Cantrell Park Improvements 

  • Scope: Improvements including additional parking, landscaping, restroom and irrigation.


Click here for a spreadsheet of 2011 SPLOST projects