Storm Debris Clean Up

Please review the following plan for Storm Debris Clean Up. The following are the steps we hope will allow for the quickest recovery. This will only apply for material placed at the street by November 9th.

  • Republic Services will recover any debris that is within the ordinance size of less or equal to 4’ long and 2” diameter. They will overlook the volume portion of the ordinance, but the entire pile may take more than one week to recover. This should be kept separately from material that is larger.
  • City of Kennesaw Public Works will be recovering material that is larger than 2” diameter, but no more than 8” diameter. Residents will not be charged for this service. Any material that has been left by a tree service will not be recovered free of charge. The City will not separate material that is smaller or greater that the listed size.
  • Material that exceeds 8” diameter or has been left by a tree service can be removed by Public Works. However, this will be considered a bulk pick up and a fee will be assessed and must be scheduled. Please call Public Works (770-421-8582) to schedule bulk pickup.

Normal yard debris recovery will resume on November 16th.