The Kennesaw Police Department T.R.A.C.K. program is an innovative crime prevention and reduction strategy developed by members of the Kennesaw Police Department under the guidance of the Chief of Police. The goal is to assist the department in taking proactive measures to keep crime rate low in spite of the rapid growth in population.

The acronym T.R.A.C.K. represents the core values of the program:  Teamwork, Results, Accountability, Communication, Kennesaw.  The program emphasizes that the department focuses on our core mission of crime prevention and reduction.  We accomplish this goal by working together, not only internally, but also with other stakeholders. Crime prevention and reduction is very much a working partnership involving the police department, other public/private agencies and the community.

Our focus in not just on activity, but results. We assess the outcome of our efforts by closely monitoring crime rates, crime analysis and community feedback. Regular meetings are held both internally and with the community to discuss crime trends, formulate strategies and to obtain input on our overall performance. Good communication with all of our crime prevention partners is essential.

Every member of the Kennesaw Police Department is held accountable for our overall performance. We strongly believe in the philosophy “Every Officer is a Patrolman,” which means that regardless of what position officers may have in the department, they have a responsibility to take part in crime reduction activities such as street patrol on a regular basis.

The results of the T.R.A.C.K. Program have been encouraging. In the two years since the program was implemented, the City of Kennesaw has experienced an approximate 17% decrease in Part 1 Crime (adjusted for population).