Kennesaw Acworth 911 Introduces New Technology

Kennesaw, GA (February 15, 2024) — Kennesaw Acworth 911 is excited to announce the launch of what3words and Prepared Live in the dispatch center.

what3words’ goal is to become a global standard for communicating location. It gives everyone and everywhere a simple, accurate and reliable address. Three-word addresses are easier to remember than a postal address and can be shared more accurately than any other location reference system. what3words can be used in emergencies by giving dispatchers the exact location of the emergency in three words. what3words can be used for free by individuals via mobile app for iOS and Android.

Prepared Live enables the 9-1-1 dispatch center to receive texts from mobile callers in real-time. Two-way text empowers the dispatcher to communicate with the caller when they can’t speak or don’t know what to say. Dispatchers can effectively communicate with callers by sending outbound text messages, guiding them to the appropriate numbers, obtaining copies of police reports, and even sending text messages to follow up on abandoned 911 calls. This addition to the center’s technology suite will significantly improve dispatcher’s ability to respond to emergencies effectively and efficiently in the community.

This launch follows weeks of preparation and training to ensure that the Kennesaw Acworth 911 dispatchers and team are able to properly utilize the software.

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