General Business

Is my business in a commercial or residential area?

RESIDENTIAL if the business is operated out of your home; or you have a mobile business with your home address as your business address.

A home occupation affidavit must be completed, notarized, and approved by the Zoning Administrator.  This form is available at both the Business License Office and the Planning & Zoning Department.  Notaries are available on staff.

If you are a renter you will also need:

(1) Privately owned home: a notarized letter from the homeowner, and a copy of your lease agreement.

(2) Apartment complex: a letter from the property manager, on letterhead, along with the lease agreement, will be sufficient.

(3) The letter must state that the homeowner/ property owner is allowing the home based business.

COMMERCIAL locations must contact Building Services at (770) 429-4554 or email to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

Where can I get information about bringing my business into the City of Kennesaw?

The first step is to contact the Planning and Zoning Department to verify what the property is zoned and if it is already in the City Limits. Please contact them at (770) 590-8268 or email Darryl Simmons.

Where do I register my trade name?

Contact the Cobb County Superior Court at (770) 528-1360.

Business Licenses

How long does it take to obtain a license?

Processing takes a minimum 24 hours.

Do I need a business license?

Yes, if you are operating a business in the city limits, and/or generate any revenue.

What is the cost of a business license?

Occupation taxes are determined by gross receipts, class of business according to the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, plus a $55.00 administrative fee. The minimum fee is $80.00.

Certain professional practitioners have the option of calculating their occupation tax in another manner. They may elect to pay a flat fee of $400 per registered professional.

What do I need to know to obtain a Business License?

  • Any type of ownership other that sole proprietorship must provide a federal tax identification number.
  • State licensed businesses must provide a copy of their State License.
  • If you are a corporation, a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation from the State is required.
  • After obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy application may be made for an Occupational Tax Certificate.
  • If business is located in a home, a statement must be signed regarding residency restrictions.
  • After approval from fire department and building inspector, a Certificate of Occupancy may be obtained from Building Services.
  • Make appointments for on-site inspections by the building inspectors and the fire department.
  • Bring a stamped copy of the floor plan to Building Services Department and pay a minimum $60.00 permit fee. A permit number will be assigned.
  • Make an appointment with the Cobb County Fire Marshall’s Office (at 770-528-8000) to take two copies of the floor plan drawing for approval.
  • A Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Services Department must be obtained for businesses located in a commercial zoning.
  • If changes are being made, contact the Building Services Department (at 770-429-4554) for information regarding permits.
  • Check with the Zoning Department (at 770-590-8268) to make sure your business meets requirements for the location, and that no special permits are needed.

Construction Permitting

What kinds of construction require a permit?

Any owner, agent or contractor who desires to construct, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a structure or to alter, repair, remove or replace electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing systems that are regulated by technical codes.

What documents are needed to get a permit?

This depends on the type of project you are doing. Please contact the office at (770) 429-4554 and we will be happy to help you determine what is needed.

What are the State Licensing Requirements?

Just like plumbers, electricians and HVAC contractors, beginning July 1, 2008 residential and general contractors became required to have a Georgia state card that specifies the type of construction work they are allowed to perform. This does not replace your local business license – when permitting you will be required to have both. To find out more on these requirements, you can go to the Secretary of State website and read O.C.G.A 43-31-14.

Why is a permit necessary?

a) Personal safety of family and guests.

b) Ensure economic well being of community by reducing potential spread of fire & wind damage.

c) Protect future home purchasers.

Economic Development

How do I get approval to build in the City?

You may download the checklist from the Document Center on our home page. Contact Building Services if you need assistance to complete the paperwork.

Finance & Tax

Where can I find out about taxes in the City?

The major responsibility of Property Tax Billing is to ensure effective management of all taxes levied by the City which includes: real estate, personal property, and public utilities.

Assessed values are established by the Cobb County Tax Assessor’s Office and are currently calculated at 40 percent of the fair market value.

The public utility assessments are supplied to the City by the State Revenue Department.

Taxes on all the above categories are levied in the fall of each year on the assessed valuation of property of the preceding January 1 and are due sixty (60) days from the date of billing.

Ad Valorem taxes on motor vehicles and mobile homes are collected by the Cobb County Tax Commissioner and remitted to the City.

The Tax Division maintains a monthly ledger on these tax payments as they are received.

For more information, visit the Property Tax page. 

Where do I pay my property taxes?

Please remit payment of property taxes to:

Property Tax Division
City of Kennesaw
2529 J.O. Stephenson Ave
Kennesaw, GA 30144

How do I obtain a tax ID number?

There are two different government agencies that issues tax id numbers:

State: Visit Then click on the “Business Registration” link.
Federal: Visit the IRS website.

What forms of payments are acceptable?

MasterCard, Visa, Cash, Check, Money Order. Make checks and Money Orders payable to the City of Kennesaw.

Municipal Court

I have an upcoming court date. Where do I park?

Please park in public parking areas only. Do not park in local business parking lots. Your vehicles may be towed.


How do I obtain a copy of a police or accident report?

Come to the Records Unit anytime Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM for copies of both incidents and accident reports.

For emailed police incident reports, body camera footage, 911 recordings or any other police-related record requests, please file an open records request.

Accident reports are available online at BuyCrash. 


Does the Police Department offer GCIC background checks and alcohol pouring permits?

Yes.  You must have a Georgia photo ID and work permit if not a US citizen. In addition, you must have no felony convictions within the last 5 years and no current alcohol/drug probation. Omitting any arrests regardless of disposition will disqualify you for 6 months. Two or more alcohol/drug convictions within the last five years will result in denial.

To make an appointment for a background check or alcohol pouring permit, please visit

The Kennesaw Police Department asks that contact information is left on all background check forms so we are able to collect payment and process the form as quickly as possible. 

How can I report vehicles that are parked illegally?

If vehicles are observed illegally parked on the street or even private property, immediately call 770-422-2505 (police non-emergency) and ask that an officer be dispatched if possible.  No action can be taken to correct the situation unless an officer observes the violation. Cell phone photographs attached to a Kennesaw Support System ticket are not an acceptable substitute.

Does the police department provide a “safe transaction zone” for sales transactions of items initiated online?

Yes, the police department located in City Hall has a large lobby area which is an excellent safe area for transactions. Upon request, a police officer will even stand by.

Public Works

How do I sign up for sanitation service?

To start or stop service, please call the Sanitation Billing Department at 770-424-8274 or email. You are also welcome to visit them at City Hall on Mon-Fri, 7 am – 5 pm. Click here for the electronic bill pay system.

Can I pay my trash bill by credit card?

Yes! Please contact the Sanitation Billing department at City Hall 770-424-8274 or email. There is also a phone payment option for an additional $3 fee.

When will my trash and recycle be picked up?

Click here for a link to the sanitation page and open the Sanitation Collection Schedule.

How do I report a 95-gallon trashcan that is broken?

Contact Sanitation Billing (with the address, can number, and contact person’s name and number) at 770-424-8274 or email.

How do I find out the trash collection schedule changes for holidays?

Trash collection will be interrupted for the following six holidays only: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. FOR MONDAY HOLIDAYS, TRASH/RECYCLE ROUTES DURING THE ENTIRE WEEK FOLLOWING THESE HOLIDAYS WILL BE PICKED UP ONE DAY LATER. FOR HOLIDAYS THAT FALL MIDWEEK, COLLECTIONS ON THE DAYS AFTER THE HOLIDAY WILL BE DELAYED UNTIL THE NEXT DAY (for example, if the holiday is Tuesday,  the Tuesday routes are picked up Wednesday, Wednesday picked up Thursday, etc. for the remainder of the week).  Reminders about holiday collection schedules are also included on your sanitation bill and in the city’s e-newsletter that is published twice a month (subscribe by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the home page).

When will my recycling be picked up?

Recycle is collected on the same day as trash.

How do I request a recycle bin?

Call Sanitation at 770-424-8274 or email.


How does one apply for annexation, rezoning, land uses or variance?

First, an applicant will schedule a pre-application meeting with the Zoning Administrator.  Once completed the applicant will file the appropriate application form with the Community Development Department. Application submittal requires two public hearings; one with the Planning Commission and the final hearing before the Mayor and Council.  You may contact the Planning and Zoning Division for the schedule of meeting dates and submittal deadlines or visit the official City of Kennesaw website for the required application forms and submittal procedures.

How long is a variance good for?

Variances are good in perpetuity.  Also variances are applied to the property and are not lost or moved if the person who received the variance moves.

What is the zoning classification for my property?

To determine your current zoning classification you can locate it on the City’s Zoning Map or online Zoning Map. Call the Planning and Zoning Department for clarification, or you may request a zoning verification letter.